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Water Soluble Powder
Water Soluble Isolate Powder-No Flavor-4%

Water Soluble Isolate Powder-No Flavor-4%

Water soluble CBD has increased in demand significantly over the last year. Cannabidiol (CBD) is hydrophobic and as such mixes well with oils but not water. This can make it difficult for certain derivatives such as CBD isolate to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Water soluble CBD addresses this issue allowing formulators and manufacturers to expand their product range and create a diverse selection of consumable and functional food and drink products. 

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Water soluble cannabidiol (CBD) provides a variety of advantages compared to CBD isolate powder:

  • Bioavailability/Nano: Water soluble CBD is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than traditional CBD isolate powder. Users will feel the effects of water soluble CBD much quicker than traditional CBD isolate which is absorbed through digestion. Typically only 4-5% of the CBD in CBD isolate powder is absorbed into the body via digestion. By comparison our water soluble CBD is nano-sized and has 99% bioavailability allowing for almost 100% of the product to be absorbed by the body.
  • Product Formulation: The versatility of our water soluble CBD allows for the product to be flavored or un-flavored to use in food and drink products with consistent and measurable CBD control. The solubility of the product allows formulators and manufacturers to utilize the product in consumable goods that otherwise would not be able to mix with oil based hemp derivatives.
  • Potency: Water soluble is available as a powder or in liquid form in potencies ranging from 4% (40mg per gram) to 16% (160mg per gram). CBD and CBG are both available in our water soluble products. Please contact us for custom formulations. 
  • Affordability: Our water soluble formulations are more cost effective than traditional CBD/CBG isolate with lead times that are 50% shorter than our other isolate derivatives. This makes our water soluble products the perfect solution for mass/commercial projects or enterprise level quantities of product.
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