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Mile High's Finest
Mile Highs Finest 1000MG Strawberry Shortcake

Mile Highs Finest 1000MG Strawberry Shortcake

Mile High's Finest CBD Shatter Terpene Infused 1000MG Strawberry Shortcake Enjoy this tart, creamy blend for a dessert with no immediate calories!Cheese strains are well-known for musky scents and mind-bending effects. True to form, Strawberry Shortcake delivers on the family name by interweaving that cheesy sharpness with a sweet berry ripening. This melding is a result of a crossbred heritage with Chronic and White Widow. As an Indica-dominant Hybrid, this blend is perfect for chilling out, winding down, or as a little booster during mellow activities. Ingredients: CBD Isolate derived from Hemp, All Natural Botanical Terpenes

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